BIRDS-2 CubeSats in Orbit

The 3 CubeSats of BIRDS-2 Project, BHUTAN-1, MAYA-1 and UiTMSat-1 was released into orbit yesterday (August 10, 2018) from the JAXA’s Kibo Module of ISS. Astronaut Alexander Gerst has share some wonderful images of the deployment captured from the ISS on his twitter account (click here to view).

Soon after the deployment, the first beacon signals from all 3 satellites were heard at the Ground Station in Mongolia which is a part of BIRDS GSN. Soon after, the Team also received beacon signals at the KyuTech Ground station. Following that many amateur users including other ground stations of the BIRDS GSN have reported reception of beacon signals. As of now the satellites seems to be in good health and the team are now going ahead with the initial operation plan. Stay tuned for more updates.

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