About APRS-DP Mission of BIRDS-2 CubeSats

There has been some inquiries about the APRS Digipeater that is on-board all the CubeSats of BIRDS-2 Project deployed yesterday from the ISS. At this moment the team would like to clarify that the APRS transceiver is one of the technology demonstration payload and it is initially Turned OFF. These transceivers will be Turned ON later after the initial operation of the CubeSats whereby the team will confirm that all systems of the satellite is performing well. The schedule of operations of APRS mission and details about the APRS-DP will be posted on this website soon. Apologies for the inconvenience. Kindly bear with us a little longer. The team is looking forward to starting the mission soon.

2 thoughts on “About APRS-DP Mission of BIRDS-2 CubeSats”

  1. Thanks very much for providing the APRS digipeaters and the amateur radio community also appreciates it. These digipeaters are enjoyed by many amateur radio operators.


  2. What will the start date be for the APRS Digi and or the Beacon of the APRS from the CubeSat.

    Personally, have copied data from BT and MY, however, both CubeSats Beacon has been malformed or corrupted or not decoded. Have gotten 4 packets to “somewhat”decode. On a Kenwood TH-D72A it comes across as “?? BIRD BT” and “?? BIRD MY”. A few other operators have gotten the same thing. I have reported this via the data submission form.

    http://www.dk3wn.info/p/?p=89358 would lead me to believe it’s in operation… would like an official answer if possible.

    Also is there an official twitter/facebook to follow for updated info regarding the CubeSats (birds-2).

    Thank You

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