BIRDS-2 APRS Digipeater Alive

The VHF transceiver of BIRDS-2 CubeSats, meant for Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) Digipeater is alive now. The ground station in KyuTech confirmed reception of beacon from the satellites and also some amateurs have been able to decode the beacon. All interested amateurs are welcome to send their packets for digipeating. And also, the confirmation of the digipeat or the beacon from the radio to the team from here.

One thought on “BIRDS-2 APRS Digipeater Alive”

  1. I have rcvd the APRS beacon from BT and MY somewhat.. 90% of the beacon I’m receiving are not decoding on my radio and the ones that do are showing as “?? BIRD BT” and “?? BIRD MY”. This is using an Arrow II and a Kenwood TH-D72A. I have submitted this data via your website for data submission.


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