Media Coverage

BIRDS-2 project and its individual CubeSats have been making media headlines in Japan, its participating countries and other platforms. Please see link below for details:

Bhutan to launch first satellite into space on June 28

BHUTAN-1 team interviewed by Kuzoo FM radio station in Bhutan for the 3rd episode of the Light Bulb Sessions

News release for completion of BIRDS-2 CubeSats

Bhutan’s satellite project featured in Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese Newspaper)

Bhutan’s first satellite Bhutan-1 to orbit for 6 to 9 months 

BHUTAN-1 ready to be delivered for launch 

Bhutan’s first satellite to orbit earth soon 

BHUTAN-1 To Be Launched This Year 

Country’s first satellite builders attend the BHUTAN-1 workshop 

CST is the institute to build strong foundation for development of ICT: PM 

BIRDS Project wins GEDC Airbus Diversity Award  

Launch of Center for Satellite Communication at UiTM, Malaysia 

After micro-satellite, DOST set to launch ‘cube satellites’ in 2018 

Pinoy scientists see bright future for cube satellites 

Bhutan to launch its first satellite in 2018 

The final frontier 

Bhutan to launch its first satellite in next two years 

BIRDS-2 Launch in Media:

Press Release: Launch of Bhutan’s First Satellite BHUTAN-1

Launch of Bhutan’s First Satellite, BHUTAN-1

BHUTAN-1 Leaves for Space

Bhutan’s Maiden Satellite in its way to Space

Bhutan Launches  its First Satellite into Space

Philippines Launches 1st CubeSat into Space

PH to Launch First Filipino Cube Satellite into Space 

SpaceX brings Philippines’ Maya-1 Cube Satellite to ISS

Space to Excel: Why the First Pinoy-Made Cube Satellite Matters

PH’s 1st Cube Satellite to be Launched Friday

PH to Launch First Cube Satellite

Pinoy-built CubeSat Ready for Launch in June

The Philippines Launched First CubeSat into Space

CubeSats from Malaysia, Bhutan and the Philippines on SpaceX’s Dragon Launch 

UiTM Reached Milestone in Space

UiTM First Varsity to Build, Launch Nano-Satellite

UiTM first varsity to build, launch nano-satellite

UiTM First Varsity to Launch Own Nano-Satellite into Outer Space

UiTM FIRST VARSITY to Build, Launch Nano-Satellite

UiTM Reaches Milestone in Space

Dragon Capsule Reaches Space Station with Three Tons of Cargo